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The Money Oracle
I COMPLETELY understand being broke, “stuck”, full of shame, having low self-esteem, feeling like you're on a roller coaster in your business, being totally frustrated that you're not achieving your goals, and waiting on God to just do something! I can show you how to master your money through God inspired success, financial and business strategies because I have done it myself!

 I was a millionaire at age 25, bankrupt and living on food stamps by age 35 and now I'm earning multiple six figures on my way to millions again.

I graduated from college 20 years ago with a degree in Accounting.  I got my first job at Walt Disney World and it seemed like the everything was falling into place.  However, after only a few short months, I realized that working for someone else was not for me.  I literally felt like I was suffocating, so I quit!  

Everyone thought I was crazy because I was a single mom, I had moved all the way to Florida with no family and I didn't have any support.  But I didn't care.  I went back to graduate school to study for my MBA and I started my first business at only 23 years of age.  I began helping small businesses with their financial, tax and business planning.    

I became a millionaire by age 25 and then because of my own limiting beliefs, we were bankrupt and living on food stamps by age 35.  Then I began working on all the negative thoughts I had about money and I had to start completely over.  

After filing bankruptcy, I had to begin reinventing myself, so I started working in the online world. I needed more freedom and flexibility because I had just had a surprise baby at age 37. 

I love what the online world offers us. The possibilities are endless and this wasn't available when I started my first business almost 20 years ago. However, there are some downfalls as well. It is almost too easy now to start a business.

When I started my first business, I was forced to create a business plan. If you start a more traditional business, you need one as well, which forces you to think about or learn business building principles. When most people start businesses today, they are not traditional and therefore, they usually do not have to create a business plan.  

I created the Start Smart Money Academy because I was tired of seeing people online fall victim to shiny object syndrome.   I have been working my business online for years and I really didn't see anyone teaching foundational business building principles in a step by step easy to follow formula, known as a business plan.

90% of businesses fail, plus
90% of businesses do not have a business plan.
There is an obvious connection between the two.
The Start Smart Money Academy is the one stop online academy for businesses just starting out 
To Help You Finally Have A Profitable Business So You Can Stop Buying Every Online Course And Even Use The Ones You Have!

  • Do You Struggle Every Month To Pay Your Bills Or Do You Have To Fight The Fear Of Giving Up On Your Entrepreneur Dream?
  • Did You Buy So Many Online Courses, Programs And Products That You Don't Know What To Do Or Where To Start And You Need A Profitable Business Like YESTERDAY?
  • Are You Tired Of Just Maintaining An Expensive Hobby And You Want To Learn How To Create, Manage And Multiply Money?
If you said yes to any of these, you are exactly why I created the Start Smart Money Academy so that you can finally have a profitable business working SMART, not hard!
Imagine knowing the exact step by step blueprint for creating a purpose driven business plan that helps you create a six figure income working SMART, not hard.  
Now you can with the Start Smart Money Academy!
A business plan is the road map for success.  
I noticed that a lot of people were focused on the “finishing touches” that are pretty like professional photos, websites and copy, but they forgot to build the foundation of the business.

That is like trying to install the carpet, cabinets and paint before you build the foundation or walls in a house.

Just like you cannot build a house without a house plan, you cannot build a business without a business plan.  

In my financial consulting and coaching, I also saw a lot of people struggling with negative thoughts or fears around money which was also keeping them stuck. I completely understand that because I went from being a millionaire at age 25 to living on food stamps and bankrupt by age 35 all because of my negative thoughts and fears around money. I replaced my limiting beliefs with new empowering ones and that is how I went from bankrupt to six figures in about a year.   Plus, how I catapulted into multiple six figures the very next year.   Taking control of our finances and fears around money always creates more of it.  Your mind holds the key to change and now you can learn all of this and more in my Start Smart Money Academy.  Hear more from one of my students Tiffany.
"Compared to everything else I paid for, the money academy has been the most help to me.  I completed most of my business plan, which is the furthest I have ever gotten and now I can finish it.   I wouldn't have been able to do it without that step by step guidance.  The same thing goes for each section, especially "Create".  I'm in a better position now to actually make more money than when I was before going through the academy.  The Money Academy is a total GEM!  I love having to only go into one space for everything instead of 20 different places.  I have spent $20,000+ on business education that didn't cover a fraction of what you have put together.  It's worth 10 times the cost, but really it's priceless to me!  And that doesn't include the thousands of dollars I will save every year with the tax strategies.  This is such a blessing to me and my business."   Tiffany Stokes The Honest Accountant
In my Start Smart Money Academy, I give you everything you need so that you can create a profitable business and multiply your money! 
inside the Start Smart Money Academy
You will learn..
Proven Six Figure Success Principles so that you can Realize your full potential.  

How to Master The Way You Think About Money so you can take control of your finances.

US, Canada & Australia centered Tax Tips so you never miss a deduction again.  

Practical money management tools so you can easily manage your money.  

Extensive tax education + “how to’s” so you can beat the iRS & CRA Legally.  

A simple and complete Accounting system so you can pull financial statements.  

A simple system for money and tax management so you save as much as possible.  

Financial & Business Strategies so that you are set up for six figure success.  

Huge money saving tax strategies ( most people save thousands) so you can multiply your money.  

Exactly how I created Multiple Six Figures on Facebook in Less than two years without paying for ads!
Imagine being able to create more than enough money to pay all of your bills, be prepared for taxes, save for the future, retire your husband (or wife) & make him your business partner (like I did), pay for your children's college, take care of your elderly parents or travel the world on your terms because you have more money, more choices and more time with your family?  NOW YOU CAN!
Now you can with my Start Smart Money Academy.  You get......
  • Proven Six Figure Success Principles So That You Can Realize Your Full Potential.  
  • How To Master The Way You Think About Money So You Can Take Control Of Your Finances.
  • US, Canada & Australia Centered Tax Tips So You Never Miss A Deduction Again.  
  • Practical Money Management Tools So You Can Easily Manage Your Money.  
  • Extensive Tax Education + “How To’s” So You Can Beat The IRS & CRA Legally.
  • A Simple And Complete Accounting System So You Can Pull Financial Statements.  
  • A Simple System For Money And Tax Management So You Save As Much As Possible.  
  • Financial & Business Strategies So That You Are Set Up For Six Figure Success.  
  • Huge Money Saving Tax Strategies ( Most People Save Thousands) So You Can Multiply Your Money.  
  • Exactly How I Created Multiple Six Figures On Facebook In Less Than Two Years Without Paying For Ads!
If you had to learn everything I did the hard way, it would look like this..
  • 5 years of college ($100,000+)
  • Two retail businesses that I had to shut down
  • Mindset & Tax Coaching ($5,000 + 3 years)
  • Thousands of hours of hands on research
  • A multi million dollar business that went bankrupt
  • Continuing education + certifications ($20,000+ & 3 years)
  • Seminars, Conferences & Retreats ($50,000+ and 10 years)
  • The hard way took me 17+ years of failures and success, plus $175,000+
Or you can choose the easy way and enroll in my Start Smart Money Academy TODAY for only $1997!  (I even have easy payment plans if needed)

Not only does it not have to take you 17+ years and $175,000+, I want to help you pay for the cost of my academy right now with huge money saving tax strategies because it makes me feel REALLY good to make this an easy YES. 

  My average US small business just starting, saves about $3,000+ per year with the tax tips & strategies that are in this academy. Over the next 10 years alone, that is $30,000+ saved without inflation and not including the value in learning how to create and manage money in your business as well. 

I GUARANTEE the savings will pay for the cost!

And that's why I call it START SMART!

Plus for a limited time only (because I only have so many resources), you will get lifetime access to this academy, plus lifetime access to our private Facebook group for community support and weekly office hours with me.  

Do not continue to struggle with shiny object syndrome or with an expensive hobby!   Would it be worth it to finally get the exact formula you need to create a profitable six figure business and still be able to use programs or courses you have already bought? Absolutely, YES, so enroll today!

I am offering you two choices today….
1.  Do nothing. Keep maintaining an expensive hobby without a step by step blueprint for success or
2.  Enroll in my Start Smart Money Academy so that you can fill in the gaps and create a profitable business.

My Signature Promise to you….
If you do not find enough money saving tax strategies to pay for this Academy, I will do a personal review with you and if we still cannot find enough savings, I will refund your money! It's that simple!

"I received the biggest check of my life—and I wrote it to MYSELF from my own business’s account! "

Melanie St Ours
"I literally SAVED

Brian Foshee
"I have been in direct sales business for 9 years now and all I can say is I wish I would have found her years ago! "

Renee Harshey
Who Is The Start Smart Academy For?
  • Coaches
  • Creatives
  • Consultants
  • Designers
  • Direct Sellers
  • Online & Network Marketers
  • Even More Traditional Business

You CAN have a profitable business working smart, not hard or, you can stay right where you are. If you are ready for change, I personally invite you to enroll now, so that you can learn how to create, manage and multiply money! 

Here is more about me

I was a millionaire at age 25, bankrupt + living on food stamps by age 35 and now I am earning multiple six figures.  With God’s help, I have been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future by teaching entrepreneurs God-inspired success, financial + business strategies.
My Mission
To empower women to live emotionally, spiritually & financially free by helping you overcome the obstacles life has put in your path, understand who you are & how God created you to be, guide you towards accomplishing your dreams and teach you God inspired financial & business strategies while giving you the clarity and motivation to unlock your inner greatness so that you can fulfill your God given purpose and destiny!!

My Why
I am passionate about helping women build a six figure+ business in a smart and soulful way that gives you more time with your family!  I am on a mission to empower purpose driven women, like you,  to have it ALL!  More money, more choices and more time with your families so you don't have to give up what's important to you!
General F.A.Q's
  • This one of a kind academy sells to the general public for a very reasonable $2997 with lifetime access and updates to all of the tax law changes.
  • The total value of this entire academy is $35,000+.
  • My average US small business just starting to create some income, saves about $3,000+ per year with the tax strategies that are in this academy. Over the next 10 years alone, that is $30,000+ without inflation and not including the value in learning how to create more money in your business as well.  Most of the tax tips and money management systems are used in the majority of countries.  You will be saving a ton learning all of the tax tips.  Some countries do not use a couple of the money saving strategies that the US does, but I guarantee you will save and learn enough to more than pay for this academy no matter where you live! 
  • Click the link below to enroll now and get access to this special offer
F.A.Q.’s About This Academy
Q. How long is this academy?
A:This is a self paced academy. You can learn as fast as you want or as slow. I have packaged it together step by step in the same order that you should study, so that it is simple and easy to learn.

Q. When are you available for questions?
A: As part of this academy, I am available weekly for “office hours” within our private Facebook group. Plus, you can post questions anytime.  Just tag me with your question & my team or I will respond within 48 hours.   You can also email my team of Certified Start Smart Tax Consultants for private questions about taxes you have from what you learn. They will usually respond within 48 hours.  

Q. Is this academy good for me if I just started my business? 
 A: Absolutely! You will learn everything you need to start creating, managing & multiplying money.

Q. Will the academy help me master creating money?
 A: No, I designed this to be for businesses just starting out.  There is so much that goes into a business.  A business is a journey, just like life.  In order to be able to master something, you must first learn to walk.  However, I will be releasing a money mastery program in the near future.  

Q. Is this a good fit if I started my business plan or are I am already creating a decent income?
 A: Yes!  The idea behind the Start Smart Money Academy is to have one resource for everything related to money.  I teach you how to create, manage and multiply money.  You may already be creating some money and applying some of the principles I teach; however, this program will help you identify the gaps.  The money saving tax strategies will more than pay for the investment so that no matter where you are in your business, the value is there to replace your investment.

Q. When can I use the money saving tax strategies?
A: You can implement them right away and start saving money now.

Q. What if I have an Accountant, CPA or I am good at managing money.  Is this a good fit?
 A: . Absolutely.  This academy will help you make sure that you are asking the right questions and that you have all of the money saving tax strategies first hand.  You can share the information with your Accountant to be sure that you are on the same page.  I created my first signature money saving tax plans out of the frustration friends and family were having with Accountants and CPA's who didn't ask the right questions, if any at all, who never offered a money management or tax plan and who always seemed to question the business or tax deductions they had.  This covers it all for peace of mind.  There is no other resource out there like the Start Smart Money Academy.  

Q. What about updates including tax laws?
A:  For a limited time, you will receive lifetime access including all tax law updates.

Academy Modules
  • Understanding your current finances.
  • Mastering your money mindset.
  • How to clear emotional clutter.
  • Creating a master business plan.
  • How to set goals (and achieve them).
  • Strategies for business.
  • How to close without being pushy.
  • God inspired delegation.
  • God inspired time management.
  • The psychology behind sales.
  • A marketing Plan road map.
  • Exactly how I created multiple six figures on Facebook without any paid ads.  
  • PDF’s: Money worksheet, powerful closing questions, how to set goals outline, first steps to branding, business plan outline and checklist, how to clear emotional clutter outline, budget and goal worksheet. 
Academy Modules
  • My 5 step simple system for money and tax management.
  • Accounting 101. The basics of profit and loss.
  • How to distribute money and pay yourself.
  • How to do a “financial” check in on your business.
  • How to manage your cash flow.
  • How to maximize your cash so it multiplies.  

  • PDF’s: how to avoid an audit, small business checklist, top 10 at home missed deductions, tax record checklist, handling IRS letters & notices, how to avoid common tax mistakes, tips for charitable donations, tips for maximizing your home office and common myths about audits.
Academy Modules
  • 7 Tax Strategies Your CPA Won’t Tell You
  • Money Saving Tax Tips (hundreds of them).
  • 5 Year End Tax Strategies.
  • Tax Strategies to find Hidden Profits.
  • IRS Quick Tax Tips Guides (hundreds of tax filing tips)
  • The taxes you are responsible for as an entrepreneur.
  • The number one tax strategy 90% of entrepreneurs don’t know and all the steps, documents and forms needed to implement it legally. This alone could save you thousands of dollars*. (*varying factors).
  • A complete tutorial about the difference between Sole Proprietors, LLC’s & Corporations. Exactly how to form them, plus meet all the legal and tax requirements necessary to protect yourself and save taxes.
  • Tax tips from additional countries like Canada, Australia & counting. Continuously updated.  

  • PDF’s: Money and tax management outline, money and tax management guide, Accounting checklist, Financial Friday’s checklist, cash flow checklist, checklist for managing your finances

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t find enough money saving tax strategies and value in this academy to cover the cost, I will refund your money, NO questions asked! That is my promise to you!

The Start Smart Money Academy teaches start-up and even some seasoned entrepreneurs How To Create, Manage & Multiply Money, so you can have a profitable business and not just maintain an expensive hobby. 
Start Smart Money Academy
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