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"The Absolute Best!"

After talking to her for 15 minutes today, I had clarity after having a block for months!
Are you stuck at a certain income level?
Do you never seem to have enough money?
Do you experience fear or negative thoughts about money?
Then join my 12 day Money Mindset challenge to break through money blocks & start creating the results you want! 
Here's what you will learn in 7 steps & 12 days:
  • Explore your money “comfort zone” - Acknowledge it so you can move on!
  • Begin re writing your money story- Learn how to start getting results now!
  • Shift your thoughts & energy- how to easily shift to create more money!
  • Learn what's really holding you back & how to change it right now!
  • You need this if...............
  • You are stuck at a certain income level
  • You never seem to have enough money
  • You experience fear or negative thoughts about money
  • You've experienced any form of financial "trauma" or loss
Join my challenge today & receive your first step in the challenge right now so that you can begin the first steps to changing the way you think about money!
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"Thank you!  Got the first email and sobbed through it because it resonated with where I am now." Christine
"I am doing your money mindset and since starting it, I signed 3 new clients and I am even talking to a 4th right now." Teri
After day 1.   Snowe,  I believe that you and this challenge are the answer I cried out for!  Thank you so much.  Michelle
What Other Women are Saying...

"Snowe is a game-changer!"

Thank you Snowe from the bottom of my heart!   You have truly changed my mindset and life!   My first client paid for 1/3 of working with you one on one for 3 months!  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  
Michaela Shapiro

"Thank you so much, Snowe"

It's been amazing. It's like the block was more than what I had thought or the act of unfreezing one thing allowed freedom in a lot of areas. 
 Stephanie Cristiano
Break FREE from never having enough money!
Join Us Today and Start to Live Your Life with Freedom

Hello Fabulous! 

My name is Snowe Saxman & I COMPLETELY understand being broke, “stuck”, full of fear around money, feeling like you are on a roller coaster in your business, not achieving the goals you really want & waiting on God to just “do something”! I want to help you break free from wrong thinking and never having enough money so you can start to live your life with freedom!  Join the challenge today!
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About me!

I help high achieving, purpose driven women like you who struggle to make enough money or who work to much and are away from their families, learn how to create a profitable business working SMART, not hard, so that you can have a six figure + business without giving up what’s important to you and so that you can stay in alignment with God’s purpose for you life! 

What makes me unique is that I am heart-centered, but results orientated.   I use a masterful combination of business savvy, money expertise, and strong faith to improve your money mindset and a help you create , manage and multiply money.

 I went from bankruptcy to multiple six figures in a relatively short time and I want to help you do the same while keeping God first and your family second!  Join me for this challenge!

Much Love & Belief,


Join our 12 Days Money Mindset Challenge Today!
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